PEI CFOs & COOs Forum New York

PEI CFOs & COOs Forum New York

Written by EWM Global

EWM Global was proud to sponsor the 18th annual PEI CFOs & COOs Forum New York.

The CFOs & COOs Forum New York is the industry benchmark for high-value content and networking for C-level executives, which is especially critical given the challenges thrust upon the industry over the last year.

EWM Global’s Managing Director & CMO, Tom Pittman, led a captivating panel discussing Taking Stock of Succession Planning at your Firm. Mark Levitt, Chief of Staff at Global Infrastructure Partners, Thomas Mayrhofer, CFO & COO of EJF Capital, LLC, and Sarah Roth, COO & CFO of Argosy Capital accompanied him to talk about what LPs miss or overlook when pressing for a succession plan, succession considerations for small partnerships, inventive strategies for retaining next generation talent, and many other engaging topics around succession planning.

Thank you PEI Team for putting together a successful, high value, and information-packed event during these challenging times.

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