Carried Interest

We have extensive experience in administering global Carried Interest Plans for private equity groups investing in growth, venture capital, and real estate.  As carry plans become increasingly complex, it helps to have an administrative resource to guide your firm through the challenges and headaches which would otherwise detract from your core business.  We provide participant level administration of Carry plans including point allocations, vesting rules, hurdle rate considerations, termination/forfeiture, and distribution processing.

EWM’s platform provides a robust, yet flexible, accounting framework to administer Carried Interest and Co-Investment Plans with simple or complex legal entity structures.  Various examples of plan types we administer include:

  • Phantom Carried Interest
  • Direct Carried Interest
  • Multiple Legal Entity Carried Interest
  • Holdback Accounting for Carried Interest Plans
  • Offshore Partnership Accounting Plans

Carried Interest Reports

Ratio Allocation

Ratio Allocation Historical summary of carry points allocated to each participant from inception to the report date. Learn more

Transaction History

Transaction History Detailed overview of all transactions for each executive under a particular carry plan. Learn more

Carry Netting Payout

Carry Netting Payout Calculates total net cost for each participant and determines cash payout values. Learn more