In order to further align and incentivize hedge fund and private equity executives, co-investment vehicles have become common place in the industry.  Our co-investment expertise works in tandem with our carried interest plans to address complex requirements such as capital commitments, capital calls, distributions, and leverage waterfall calculations.

EWM Global’s platform provides dynamic accounting capabilities to administer Co-Investment Plans with simple or complex legal entity structures. Various examples of plan types we administer include:

  • Pre- and Post-Tax Co-Investment
  • Voluntary and Mandatory Co-Investment
  • Leveraged Co-Investment
  • Offshore Partnership Accounting

Co-Investment Reports

Cash and Loan Activity

Cash and Loan Activity Details each transaction’s impact on cash and loan balances for participants’ co-investment plans. Learn more

Fund Activity

Fund Activity Showcases the details of all fund transactions within co-investment and leveraged co-investment plans. Learn more


Payout Details the impact of all transactions relating to the commitment of a participant’s co-investment plan. Learn more