Share Plans

Equity Bonus Plans are intended to provide tax-optimized compensation in alignment with shareholder interests and regulatory guidelines. We provide participants access to their plans through a user-friendly portal to view their accumulated wealth and perform any transactions allowed by their specific plan.  Various examples of plan types we administer include:

  • Restricted Stock Units
  • Restricted Stock Award
  • Share Appreciation Rights
  • Phantom Shares
  • Option Plans
  • Stock Purchase Plans

Share Plan Reports

Award Activity Details

Award Activity Details Detailed information about each award‘s activity at both an aggregate and participant level. Learn more


Amortization Showcases the data required to book compensation expense by organization unit to the firm‘s general ledger. Learn more

Roll Forward

Roll Forward Tracks mobility, terminations, award, distributions, and other movements from month to month. Learn more

Transaction History

Transaction History Pricing, unit, and chronological details for each transaction at a participant level. Learn more

Share Sale Action

Share Sale Action Detailed overview of the distribution requests submitted by participants. Learn more

Trade Order Executions

Trade Order Executions Provides price fills to custodians and settlement details to the client. Learn more