Waterfall Calculation Engine

EWM Global launched its Carried Interest Administration services in 2008 and started offering a bespoke solution for Carry Waterfall Calculations in 2014. Since then, we have constantly added new functionalities and improved our existing capabilities taking our solution fully digital.

EWM Global’s Waterfall Calculation Engine offers users the flexibility to configure and automate their waterfall calculations to the exact specifications of their unique LPA terms.  Capable of handling any fund structure, the Engine produces an instantaneous output for each stage of the waterfall based on cash flows from underlying portfolio companies or the GP entity.  The platform empowers users looking to test the effect of various preferred return methodologies, forecast the carry impact of projected cash flows and exits, and generate output reports based on realized carry and unrealized valuations. Hosted on a secure private cloud approved by the largest financial companies in the world, the system is frequently enhanced at no cost to our clients, ensuring it remains ahead of the industry curve in terms of features, ease of use, flexibility, accuracy, and data security. The EWM Global Waterfall Calculation Engine can be used as a stand-alone tool, or incorporated with our GP incentive administration services, which manage GP Commitment/Co-investment plans and Carried Interest plans allowing clients to digitally transform the entire GP incentive process.