EWM Global to Attend PEI CFOs & COOs Forum New York 2022

EWM Global to Attend PEI CFOs & COOs Forum New York 2022

Written by EWM Global

Entering its 19th year, EWM Global continues to sponsor the PEI CFOs & COOs Forum New York on April 27 – 28, 2022.

This forum is the industry benchmark for high-value content and networking. This annual meeting for C-level executives features insightful keynotes, panels, working groups and live Q&As. This is an industry event you don’t want to miss.

EWM Global’s Regional Director – Americas, Raoul Kamath, will be leading a panel discussing “What’s in Store for the Future of Carry?” He will be joined by Kevin Richardson, Finance Director, at Bregal Sagemount, Irene Willard, CFO, at Dunes Point Capital, and Patty Xu, CFO at Catalyst Investors.

This panel will be covering these topics:

  • Examining carry models that are simpler to administer and more equitable to manage
  • Carry vesting schedules: what are firms doing?
  • Examining GP carried interest waterfall structures and the impact on returns
  • How do you think about who is entitled to carry, considerations?
  • How does your firm allocate carry and who gets in the carry pool?
  • Should founders spread carry more evenly down into the organization?
  • What is the approach to fund new hires when all the carry has been allocated?
  • Bracing for a change in tax legislation and whether carry will be taxed like regular income
  • What kind of language are firms putting in LPAs to address the coming tax bill?
  • Considerations for doing phantom carry
  • Creative approaches for dealing with the carry rule

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Please let us know if you would like more information about this conference at marketing@ewmglobal.com.