Controls & Audit

At EWM Global we are committed to providing the highest level of controls and protection of one of your most valuable assets, your data. We apply the most stringent business and information security controls and uphold the highest privacy and confidentiality standards in the financial services industry. 

Supporting documentation which is made available to our clients’ audit, information security and riskgroups includes:

  • Annual SOC 1 Type II (ISAE4302) Auditor’s Assurance Report

  • Annual Application Penetration Test

  • Data Protection Management Program Overview and supporting documents
    • Data Security Standards, Policies and Procedures
    • Data Privacy Notice, Policies and Procedures
    • Data Processing Agreement based on the EU Standard Contractual Clauses
    • Data Retention and Destruction Policies

  • Business Continuity Management Program Overview and supporting documents
    • Disaster Recovery Plan 
    • Business Operations Continuity Plan
    • Incident Response Policy
    • Pandemic Policy

  • Insurance Certificates
    • Directors & Officers, Civil Liability, Error and Omissions 
    • Cyber Liability 
    • General Liability