EWM Global Celebrates 20 Years

EWM Global Celebrates 20 Years

Written by Dr. Wolfgang Schroter
Written by Dr. Wolfgang Schroter
CEO, EWM Global

As we celebrate EWM Global’s 20 year anniversary, we are thinking about the future more than ever. We are excited about the opportunities lying ahead of us and while we continue to put our clients and employees first, we plan to further grow the business by leveraging the full potential of our platform and through regional expansion.

Our journey began in 2001 as a startup in Zurich, Switzerland. We have since evolved to become a global leader supporting the world’s largest Banks, Wealth and Asset Managers, Insurance Companies and Private Equity firms to digitize their incentive compensation programs in over 60 countries around the globe. The entrepreneurial spirit is still going strong across our various office locations promoting team collaboration and innovation.

We would like to thank our valuable clients for their continued trust and support and our dedicated EWM Global team who makes all of this possible.

We had the chance to get some insight from current employees at EWM Global to highlight some ways we have continued to develop over the years. Here’s what they had to share about our growth:

How has the market changed since you joined EWM Global?

“The key changes in the market over the last ten years is that the concept of digital transformation has become a “must have” rather than “nice to have.”  Financial companies have realized that in order to compete, they must embrace technology which not only creates efficiencies, but also removes the risks inherent in manual processing of sensitive data.  Our clients have partnered with EWM Global to leverage our platform and expertise to help them become, or continue to be, leaders in their markets.”

– Tom Pittman, Managing Director & Chief Marketing Officer

How have the challenges of keeping data secure evolved over the last 20 years?

“At EWM Global, we’ve always taken a security-first approach, with industry best-practices at the core. Key areas, like the principle of least privilege, security training for all personnel, and the full support of Senior Management have contributed to our successful implementation of security throughout the company.

Over the years, our technology has evolved to defend against new attack vectors, and has been enhanced with SSO,  multi-factor authentication and increasingly rigorous testing procedures ensure that potential problems are quashed before deployment in production, which has allowed us to stop security incidents before they even start.”

– Brian Mathis, Director in IT Security and Infrastructure

What changes to the EWM Platform have you seen over the last 20 years?

“Over the last 20 years, EWM Global platform has made tremendous progress to support our growing client base with new products and services as well as enhanced features to existing products.

We have made significant enhancements to the Customer Experience over the last 20 years by providing cutting edge participant and admin website experience, mobile platform for participants, improved tools for data acquisition as well as see change in the way clients can get Reports and Analytics from our system by using upcoming ARC tool.

We are excited to continue our journey together with our clients on the digital transformation of their employee compensation administration.”

– Lee Khandelwal, Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer

How has EWM Global grown since you’ve been with the company?

“Over the past 2 years that I have spent with the company, we have continued to grow and expand despite the challenges faced globally with the emergence of Coronavirus. Our team as a whole had to adapt to huge changes, including an increase in working from home. Nonetheless, the team continued to bond and work cohesively together making sure that everyone, including the newest members of the company, have felt supported while the high level of service that EWM Global provides has remained uninterrupted.”

– Florrie Fellowes, Associate in Participant Services