Total Reward Portal

EWM Global’s Total Reward Portal offers companies the opportunity to showcase a consolidated online dashboard with up-to-date compensation and benefits information across all products and programs in which the employee participates.  This functionality is NOT limited to just the products administered by EWM Global, but can be expanded to include any compensation or benefits which the firm wishes to display.

The portal is highly flexible and customizable to show information from multiple providers and systems such as pensions, 401k, share plans, and payroll systems. It has the ability to provide on screen company-targeted information such as plan documents, remuneration statements, award agreements, participant actions, and more.

Key Benefits of the Total Reward Portal

  • Replaces hard copy versions of annual statements
  • Reduces the workload for local HR departments to maintain, update and distribute total comp records
  • Provides a consolidated view of compensation and benefits received by an employee
  • Enables users to easily compare year-over-year compensation data